G.I.F.T aims to support innovation from early stage prototype development to implementation.

Funding is now available for:
- Early stage project development
- Prototyping
- Scaling of successful prototypes

We are looking for projects that are a strong fit with the principles of G.I.F.T

  • are innovative (the project will apply a new approach to an existing problem or have the ability to accelerate impact)

  • will specifically benefit the Hauraki Gulf

  • address a key environmental issue facing the Hauraki Gulf (please refer to the State of our Gulf Report 2017)

  • use a holistic paradigm (for more information please refer to our resources page)

We want to know that you will:

  • use the project funds to help the Hauraki Gulf by addressing some of the major environmental issues it faces.

  • tell us your story on completion of the work you do with the grant about your findings, what worked, what failed, what you adapted, next steps etc. You can do this as creatively as you like, but we do need something we can file!

  • provide us with a time frame for your projects completion.

Apply now
Project lead Name *
Project lead Name
Project details
Please refer to www.giftofthegulf.org.nz/s/What-is-Mauri.docx
If you are applying on behalf of a not for profit legal entity, please also complete the following:
Main contact person *
Main contact person
Declaration *
In making this funding application I declare that: - To the best of my knowledge the information contained here is true and correct. - Any funding received will be used for the project for which it was approved. - I will comply with any reasonable request from Foundation North to monitor performance and accountability. - I agree to Foundation North confidentially sharing my application with external advisors - I acknowledge that any decision made is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

PLEASE NOTE: We will get back to you within 48 hours to acknowledge receipt of your funding request.  
If you don't hear back from us within this timeframe, please contact Kim.Collins@FoundationNorth.org.nz 

9) Does your project contain any Intellectual Property (IP)? If so, please briefly explain who will benefit from the IP should your project be successful
(ie commercialisation, social enterprise, open source etc)