The Hauraki Gulf – Tīkapa Moana/ Te Moananui a Toi State of the Environment Report 2014 published by the Hauraki Gulf Forum, highlights that while some environmental improvements have occurred (particularly on islands) since the last report was published in 2011, “the cumulative impact of all activities is still pointing towards the suppression of environmental values at low levels or progressive environmental decline.”

Key issues affecting the environmental health of the Hauraki Gulf are:

  • Overfishing and commercial fishing methods

  • Water quality from high sediment and nutrient levels, toxic chemicals and wastewater

  • Introduced marine species

  • Invasive animal pests (including insects e.g. Argentine ants) and diseases (e.g. Kauri dieback) and introduced weeds

  • Habitat loss affecting native species

  • Chronic disturbance of wildlife

To read the full state of our gulf report and understand the key issues affecting the Hauraki Gulf please click here.