The GIFT Fund

Funded projects must be:

  • Innovative: Is the idea new? Or, does the idea use traditional knowledge in new ways?

  • Holistic: What are the wider impacts (social, cultural, environmental and economic) from your project? Have you canvassed a wide range of perspectives in developing your idea (for example, what is your local iwi’s perspective on your project?)

  • Working to resolve the environmental issues facing the Hauraki Gulf: Projects that could result in an improvement to a key environmental issue facing the Hauraki Gulf are more likely to be successful.

It is expected that grantees will:

  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders, other grantees and Foundation North

  • Be open to exploring the concept of mauri in relation to their work and themselves

  • Seek other funding partners, in kind support and leverage opportunities to increase the impact of their work (Scale Fund and System Fund stages)

Click here to see a list of GIFT grantees. Case studies and resources are also available to assist you in putting your funding request together.

Seed Fund Projects - Requests up to $50,000 for prototyping new ideas

Looking for potential: Grants aim to fund people and ideas with the potential for radical innovation. Projects will apply rapid iteration and learning (prototyping). This fund is characterized by bold moves, high uncertainty and an expectation of failure. Successful grantees will get support to help identify what works, what doesn’t work, what you’ve learned and your next steps. Additional capacity support is also available for grantees on a case by case basis.

Please note: To be eligible to apply for a Scale Fund Project or a System Fund Project, applications must be submitted by a registered Not for Profit entity (Incorporated Society, Charitable Trust, Charities Registration or a Social Enterprise).

Scale Fund Projects - Requests over $50,000 to scale up a project that has been prototyped

Growing potential: Grants aim to support projects that have shown potential for radical impact from earlier prototyping (either funded by GIFT or by another source). Projects are expected to undertake continued learning and iteration, with some failure still expected. Other funding partners and in kind support for your project is an advantage. Multi year funding requests are accepted. Grantees will receive support with the evaluation of their project.

System Fund Projects - Requests that aim to bring about systemic change

Finding potential in the system: Grants aim to result in inter-generational impact through collaboration and innovation for systemic change. Multi year funding requests are accepted. Grantees will receive support with the evaluation of their project. Applicants will need to demonstrate:

  • A track record of implementing systemic change (skills, knowledge and networks)

  • Confirmed and potential funding partners and collaborations

Application process

There are no closing dates for applications. Click here to go the funding application form. Your application will be acknowledged once it is received. Following receipt of your application, we will be in touch to advise you of a decision timeframe and any next steps. As part of our assessment process we seek advice from external advisors, as well as assessing applications against the GIFT policies, therefore it is likely that we will contact you during the assessment process for more information.